The unique cabinet configuration of the Trident HG3 Close Field Monitoring System is designed to reduce or eliminate many issues found in today's monitor systems. Some of these include: Limited Dispersion and Bandwidth • DopplerDistortion • Phase Distortion • Inter-Modulation Distortion • Cabinet Resonances • Edge Diffraction and other problems associated with traditional monitor designs.  

HG3 MSRP: $4999.99
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A-Range 19" Dual Channel Rack Unit
Series 80B 19" Dual Channel Rack Unit
HG3 Near Field Studio Monitors
500 Series Series 80B EQ
Trident 88 16 Channel Console
Trident 88 24 Channel Console
Trident 88 32 Channel Console
Trident 88 40 Channel Console
Trident 88 Custom Console

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